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It's a protection tool that keeps you protected while surfing the Web
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Web Companion is a small, simple, yet reliable application meant to protect you while you're surfing the web and keep perilous websites away from troubling you.
One of its main advantages is the fact that it's a very simple tool that can be configured with ease and used without any trouble. It's also neat, lightweight, and unobtrusive, so you won't be bothered by it in any way. Another cool thing about Web Companion is the fact that it's compatible with all web browsers, so it won't matter if you prefer using Chrome, Firefox, or IE, Web Companion will keep you protect it. Last but not least, Web Companion is accurate and effective. It acts like a proxy or gateway, checking all traffic and connections, and making sure that your browsing habits, including surfing history and personal data, are not tracked by third-parties.

In fact, it offers much more than just protection against being tracked. It can use a powerful real-time web protection engine to block even the newest viruses and malware that common antivirus products cannot block yet. Moreover, Web Companion offers protection against phishing websites. It detects malicious sites that impersonate the sites you know and trust, attempting to steal your passwords, payment and other personal information.

Cutting long story short, since it's also free, I'd say Web Companion is clearly worth a shot. After all, it's produced by the maker of Ad-Aware, the world's most popular anti-malware software, so there are plenty of reasons to expect it to be a great tool.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Simple and unobtrusive
  • Reliable
  • Supports any browser
  • The interface comes with 2 themes


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